fredag den 2. august 2013


Followers of the so-called gods are suckers and sycophants, wasting their prayers on abstract ideas with no real power. But this is how my lord wants the world to be, so who am I to question him?

Zakr, High Priest of Cyric, somewhere near Highmeadow, Seven Army Nation, 5843.

Worship in Gemnos has changed a lot over the course of it's more than 10.000 years of history.

At first, although the world was created by the Twins, worship was solely to the Primal Spirits. As the people of Gemnos evolved, they started to worship the Twins. Many years passed and more and more began to either worship the Sun or the Moon.

Then others began to worship other aspects of the Twins, such as Fire and Ice, Sword and Magic etc. The next step was to make those entities more precise, giving them names and individuality.

The worship of Cyric, the Prince of Shadows came slowly over the years, seemingly out of nothing, while the worship of Bahamut exploded after the First Demon War, quickly followed by the worship of Bane.

That means that in this day and age, the people of Gemnos worship 19 different gods (Primal Spirits, the Twins, 14 aspects of the Twins, Cyric, Bahamut and Bane). Aside from those "gods", quite a few also worship the Saints of Heaven while others worship the Lords of Hell.

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