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In years, the Chosen One, will be born of mortal flesh -honest, truthful,  just. Unite the nations - under his rule, he will. And we shall lead the mortals. A golden era, will start with the golden king, when he arrives.

- Famous last words of Aurac, Year 5715

During the Second Demon War, few made as big a contribution to the defense of the human lands as Aurac. The ancient Gold Dragon fought the demonic hosts and led the humans against the infernal armies time and time again. It was a beacon of hope during a very dark time, and even though it was not Aurac who closed the portal, many believe that without it, no one would have survived the invasion.

After the war, it helped rebuild the nation, trying to steer the humans towards creating a united kingdom under a just king. That failed, as too many were too greedy and impatient. Aurac grew tired of the constant bickering amongst the mortals, and disappeared from the lives of mankind. If sages are to be believed, Aurac sleeps somewhere in the bowels of the earth, waiting for his chosen one to be born.

When Aurac went away, some felt he did so because he felt let down. In order to show Aurac he was not alone, quasi-worship of him and his ideals sprung up. The most famous and powerful of those groups are the Knights of the Golden Wyrm, an order of knights which fights for justice and hope in an otherwise harsh and often brutal world.

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