søndag den 25. august 2013

Dorn Anvilsmith

Bah, human politics. Warlords come and go, but the dwarves are eternal. We have no interest in their wars, expect that we want to be left alone to build and craft.

- Dorn Anvilsmith, Hillstown, Year 5803

After the Great Demon War, Dorn Anvilsmith's father, the late Gongar Anvilsmith, rallied the hill dwarves of the Seven Army Nations and built Hillstown, a dwarven town located between Laketower and Starkhold. Dorn has ruled Hillstown for more than 50 years, as chieftain of the hill dwarves in Hillstown. Behind his back Dorn is sarcastically called the Dwarven King. A king without a kingdom and without a united people. To his face, very few dare mention that. While not the hero his father was, he is still a dwarf with a big axe and very much in his prime. While he is the uncontested leader of the hill dwarves, Dorn is not popular amongst the mountain dwarves. They see him as a weak ruler, not one who can or will unite the dwarves and carve out a dwarven kingdom amongst the warlords of the Seven Army Nations.

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