onsdag den 23. oktober 2013

Day 1 BC

Today, I took the day off from my little group. Firstly because I really wasn't too keen on being near Timotee right now, since I still had no idea what to do about him. And secondly because I got a great new opportunity to earn money. I'm seriously in need of an upgrade of my armor if I am to be at the forefront of the action. And my former benefactors are...ehmm...not here. So everything counts (in large amounts!). In my training to cast spells I have realised that you actually go through components very quickly, especially if you are one of those rather nasty wizards. So a little trip to the woods yielded 6 snake skins, 8 batwings, and a boar hide, plus some sort of brass cross that somebody must have lost. The components got me 2 gp total. I should probably be looking for other things.

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