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Session 2

Day 2
After the encounter with the ghouls, Timotee decided that he wanted no part of this kind of life, and left the two others.

Day 3
The next morning, just as Chavron and Arath were contemplating what to do next, now that they were down to two, a young mage came out of seemingly nowhere and asked to join them. His name was Nevron, and he had been told by Charming Charlie that they were looking for the lizard glands. Nevron was also out to make some gold and figured there would be strength in numbers. Chavron and Arath agreed.

Together they decided to continue searching for the bandits. Chavron picked up the trail, and soon they ran into one of the bandits. A short fight later, Chavron had taken two arrows and a shortsword to the gut and was laying on the ground, bleeding out. Arath quickly healed him, while Nevron managed to charm him, but not before he called for help. Another two bandits quickly arrived, but not before their charmed friend was dead. Together, Arath and Chavron had little problem dispatching the bandits.

They discovered the bandit camp, which was empty of bandits, but had bedrolls for 11 and a big pot of stew cooking. They decided to hide nearby and see who would show up.

A couple of hours later, the bandits returned. Eight of them there were, Simon being one of them. Archibald (the apparent leader), a caster of some sorts stood out. Four of the bandits, including Simon were sent out to find out what happened. They fanned out and searched the wood. Chavron, Arath and Nevron (Ch-ar-ne) snuck after the bandits and took them out, one by one, capturing Simon.

Away from the bandit camp, they interrogated Simon and found out that he was wanted by the city because he had dated councilman Markos' daughter and "accidentally" killed her in a fit of rage because she was allegedly "seeing" someone else. They also discovered that he didn't know anything about the lizards but that Archibald had a map of the area with all sorts of useful information.

Day 4
Returning to Ashfield with Simon in tow, Chavron, Arath and Nevron turned over Simon to Randall, who was very impressed. He thanked Arath again for removing his rash, and then whispered to Arath that it might be worth their while to talk to Holder Garth, the merchant employing the lumberjacks in the woods.

After a talk with Mr Garth who almost seemed more preoccupied with fiddling with his golden pocket-watch than talking to them, they learned that he would indeed be very grateful if they took care of the bandits, but that there was no official bounty was that was in the province of the town council to do so.

Day 5
The next morning, Chavron, Arath and Nevron headed back to the woods. At evening, as they were entering the wood, they were ambushed by a tiger-lizard who knocked Nevron out cold before anyone could react. The two others dispatched it quickly, and got Nevron back up, who then got his revenge by extracting it's gland flawlessly.

No sooner had they rested and started to move towards the bandit camp, before they once again were attacked, this time by a ghoul. Once again, Nevron was knocked out cold before even being able to blink, and once again, the monster died quickly afterwards.

Day 6
The next morning, Chavron, Arath and Nevron found the bandit camp empty. They picked up their trail easy enough, and followed it for a while. Then Nevron noticed that one of the sets of prints disappeared from the trail, and they began searching for the missing member. As it was, the shaman had doubled back in order to catch them by surprise, while the others were waiting nearby to spring the trap. A hard battle was fought, and Chavron, Arath and Nevron were soon the only ones left standing.

On Archibald, they found a map, as Simon had said, along with a message.

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