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Prophecy is the art of predicting the future. In theory, prophecy can come from anyone gifted with spell-casting. In general, sages distinguish by three types, when it comes to prophecy. Natural prophets, reborn prophets and unwilling prophets. 

Natural prophets usually show the gift at a young age and retain it throughout their life, until their death. 

Reborn prophets are often much older when they acquire the gift of prophecy. Typically some sort of event or action of sacrifice acts as a catalyst for acquiring the gift. It could be a priest who sacrifices his eyes to better see the future, or a warlock that sacrifices his firstborn in order to remove himself from emotions to better be able to focus on the prophecies.

Unwilling prophets are "normal" spell-casters that for whatever reason are chosen by some higher power to be a conduit for the visions. Most of these prophets have a short lifespan, as only select few can handle the visions of the future.

The common ground of all types of prophets is that they have visions of the future, which they translate to words based on instinct and magic so that future generations can heed their warnings. A few do not "see" the future, but hear it instead.

The wording of prophecies is often extremely ambiguous. Interpreting and understanding prophecies is therefore an unpredictable and unreliable business. True Prophecies are always fulfilled, but not all prophecies are true ones. Or rather, all prophecies are true, but are only one possible version of the future, which can be changed, although it very rarely happens.

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