onsdag den 5. november 2014

Session 43

Day 242 (2nd cycle of autumn, 18th day)
After some deliberation, the Sons decided to stake out the warehouses owned by the Scarred Souls. They found quite a few thugish-looking men hanging out outside with little traffic through. They kept the lookout through the evening, but even after most other warehouses closed, the thugs remained, the warehouse open. 

The Sons had to find a warehouse nearby to hide inside, so that they didn't attract any unwanted attention. There Urnyx used his powers over animals to get a rat to scout out the warehouse. He found a trapdoor and a tube, which unfortunately (for the rat) led down into a cauldron with food and a very angry cook. 

Day 243 (2nd cycle of autumn, 19th day)
Then, via another rat, the Sons overheard that the thugs had been told to "pack up" soon. They decided that they could wait no longer.

The Sons ambushed the 4 thugs, holding two with magic while the two others were quickly killed. They entered the warehouse, only to almost run into another rogue coming up the trapdoor. He was quickly killed as well. 

The Sons went downstairs, and fell into a trap with a lot of rats. Urnyx, who just barely caught the ledge when the floor disappeared, managed to help Arath up, before he was eaten by hordes of hungry rats. 

They explored more of the guild quarters, before finding an eating hall in which two deadly assassins were hiding. The fight was brutal and so was their poison, but the Sons just made it. They healed up, before they found themselves facing the leader of the guild (?). They had a long talk about being there, killing his people, and him hiding Metrova. They were even allowed to look around. But at some point, when they demanded to question him with magic, the man showed his true colors. He was a psion, and he assaulted their mental faculties again and again. The Sons were on their knees, moments from dying, when Urnyx landed a series of incredible lucky blows and the man died. Alas, there were still many questions unanswered, and no one to answer them.

The Sons found two chests, one which they opened, although the poison did sting quite a bit. They then left through a secret door to the sewers and made their way through them. They ran into two vampires (?), which they killed easily. Once they got on the streets, it was all silent. No guards in sight, although one could hear the occasional fight some ways away. Twice more, they got attacked by the same undead, and while Urnyx did feel somewhat drained, Arath had his mace and dished out plenty of punishment. 

The Sons finally made it to the safehouse, and since no one capable of opening the last chest was awake, they went to bed and slept till noon.

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