onsdag den 3. december 2014

Session 44

Day 243 (2nd cycle of autumn, 19th day)
After sleeping, Nevron opened the chest and inside they found some gems, a ring and some books. They decided to spend the day reading some of the books, in order to see if there were any pertinent information with regards to their mission.

At some point Nevron went out to buy ink, and found out that an announcement was forthcoming about the nightly attacks.

Sometime after midday, the announcement came. It was indeed vampires and people were advised to stay indoor in their own homes, as vampires could not enter those without permission. The Sons decided to seek out a homeless shelter just before sundown and wait.

They waited about 4 hours before the vampires came. They killed two and took the last one prisoner. Using magic, more magic and bluff they found out where they had been created. 

Heading down into the sewers, they used more magic to locate the one thing they knew Metrova had, an old oak staff with his family crest on. They found the secret entrance and soon found themselves face to face with Metrova. Protected by magic, the Sons soon had him on his heels. Most of the bats he summoned got trapped in a spell of web, and Metrova was dying. Then he turned to mist and disappeared out through a pipe. The Sons quickly followed, using polymorph and dimension door to pass through the wall, only to find more empty sewers. The hunt through the sewers began, a hunt which eventually led them back to the secret hideout, where Metrova had returned, now healed and with another awakened vampire there. 

This time the fight was more even, as the Sons had no magic protection. Metrova caught Nevron in a corner and drained him of blood in few seconds. Things looked bleak but Arath managed to get him back up and slay Metrova with his holy mace.

Before leaving, they cleared the lab of notes and all sorts of different things..

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