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Session 45

Day 244 (2nd cycle of autumn, 20th day)
The next morning, when they woke up, Urnyx wasn't feeling well. They spent the day identifying their new magical ring, the potions and dividing loot.

Day 245 (2nd cycle of autumn, 21st day)
Urnyx was still unwell, and the Sons spent the day to find out why that was. As it turns out, he was cursed, but they couldn't find out why. So they decided to head to Alkabar, the gnome town on the edge of the Howling Mountains, to find more info about the Ulafarad.

Day 250 (2nd cycle of autumn, 26th day)
On the way to the gnome town, Urnyx became worse off.

Day 252 (2nd cycle of autumn, 28th day)
The Sons arrived at Alkabar, a noisy town of about 4000 gnomes filled with wondrous mechanical devices. After buying ear-plugs, the Sons settled at the Lost One inn, run by a jovial one-eyed-patched fellow named Duncan. Urnyx, who was exhausted, went to bed. Nevron bought a mekka-globe, a mechanical flying device that could follow him around in the Underdark. Nevron bought directions to Ulfarad and got a gnome priest of Erathis to come check on Urnyx.

The priest quickly determined that Urnyx was cursed and that the curse had a strong touch of the Faerie. The Sons realized that something must have gone wrong with the planting of the acorns.

Further talks made them realize that Urnyx had planted the seeds in the wrong forest.

Day 253 (2nd cycle of autumn, 29th day)
Quickly the Sons left for the east, heading towards Faytown again. Urnyx was getting worse by the day, so they hurried all they could.

Day 261 (2nd cycle of autumn, Day of the Moon)
The Sons arrived and by magic found the acorns.

Day 268 (1st cycle of winter, 7th day)
The Sons arrived near the portal to the Faerie and Urnyx planted the acorns, effectively lifting the curse.

Day 269 (1st cycle of winter, 8th day)
The Sons entered the Underdark, determined to find Ulfarad and kill the dark elf bitch that had been behind the wars that had plagued their nation.

First the Sons ran into a behir, which swallowed Urnyx, before being killed. Then they ran into some Umberhulks which burst through the walls and confused everyone for a while.

Day 270 (1st cycle of winter, 9th day)
After a long rest, the Sons continued to make their way towards Ulfarad, until suddenly they were ambushed by driders. They managed to kill the three monsters, but not hassle.

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