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Session 47

Day 270 (1st cycle of winter, 11th day)
The Sons planeshifted to Feywild, ending up in a swamp. They quickly made way through the swamp, killing some swamp monsters on the way, before they found the Magic Fair. There they met Gandolfo once again, and he told them where Sorrowsong's Tower could be found. Urnyx bought a magic book supposed to make him more hardy with some of his luck. While he didn't quite understand all the intricacies of the deal, he was definitely a happy half-orc afterwards.

After leaving the Fair for Sorrowsong's Tower, the Sons stumbled over a group of Fey Goblins who were trying to capture a unicorn. The Sons killed the goblins and freed the unicorn, which promptly blessed them.

During the afternoon, they arrived at the tower, which was now a ruin. As they entered it, they were jumped by a hungry troll. Further investigation after killing the troll told them that perhaps they were dealing with a draconic problem. 

They found Sorrowsong's diary in the debris and it told them that, 5 years ago, a green dragon named Vermilox moved into the forest, near the waterfall nearby. It’s mere presence changed the forest in the area Sorrowsong wanted to keep to himself, but he had several clashes with the dragon’s minions, whenever he exited the tower to find components or other things. He finally met Vermilox about 12 years ago. They had several negotiations of sorts and he was struck how protective she was of her three young sons, and how odd it was that they were still around. They were much too old to still live with their mother. Finally it explains that he is pretty sure her lair is behind the waterfall.

At night, while the Sons were resting, two of the dragon's sons arrived. The Sons tried to bargain with them, but it ended with two dead dragons.

Day 270 (1st cycle of winter, 12th day)
The next morning, they headed out to find the dragon lair near the waterfall. As it turns out, the lair was protected by lowhanging fog and a wall of living thorns. The Sons decided to fly over and flew around blind for a while, going by Urnyx' instincts and his hearing. Suddenly they realized they were being hunted by a dragon, and dropped down into a garden with 3 stone giants and some prisoners. The last son, which was on their tail joined the fight and things looked very bleak for a while, but the Sons managed to pull through, free the prisoners and teleport out of the lair. However, not being super familiar with the Faerie, the Sons ended up way down south, near the water, where Belcoast is located on Gemnos.

Day 270 (1st cycle of winter, 13th day)
Once they had rested, the Sons decided that they couldn't leave the prisoners they had free here. They struck a deal with Val'del, an eladrin prince. He would make sure the other got home safe, if the Sons could transport them all to his father's court. 

Once at the elven court, Val'del asked his father to let one of the court mages get the Sons back to Dragon Lake. 

So later that same day, the Sons were once again back in the dragon lair. At first they were attacked by some wyverns, but then they finally arrived at the waterfall, where the dragon mother was hiding out. Her pet Quickling came out, challenging them, keeping them occupied while the mother snuck out, surprising them invisible. The fight was extremely long and hard, and towards the end, no one was sure to make it out alive. But luckily for all, the Sons prevailed over the dragon. 

Day 270 (1st cycle of winter, 14th day)
The Sons spent a day identifying all the magical items they had found in the dragon's lair as well as deciphering the notes about Ironforge, supposedly the secret hiding place of the Crystal Gong.

Day 270 (1st cycle of winter, 16th day)
The next morning, the Sons planeshifted back to Gemnos and landed below the Howling Mountains, near the entrance to Ironforge. They walked the rest of the way and soon found themselves standing before the doors to the dwarven city.

As they touched the doors, two statues of dwarven kings animated and tried to stop them. The golems, who might have been able to keep others out, were destroyed by the Sons. 

Then they entered and started to explore the ancient dwarven city. Moving through the Commons, where the common dwarf lived, they eventually got to the center of the city, the Great Forge. There they managed to turn it on, creating creating some measure of light in the undead-infested city. While many of the undeads were no match for the Sons of the Phoenix, one ghost managed to possess Urnyx and the others had to beat it out of him. 

After hours of walking around, they made for the Military Ward to investigate there. The ward was occupied by some driders who had gotten in via a crack in the walls, which must have been caused by an earthquake. The driders ambushed the Sons, and for a long time, the foul creatures had the upper hand.

They also managed to break into the Iron Bank, which was full of gold, untouched by others who might have visited the deserted city.

Day 270 (1st cycle of winter, 17th day)
The next morning, the Sons continued their quest to find the Gong. In Tinker Town they fought small animated golems before they moved on to the Explorer's Hall and found a magnificint library, easily one of the greatest Nevron had ever heard of. 

There they met the enigmatic custodian of the place. As he wouldn't allow them to touch the books, the Sons moved on for now. They proceeded further into the Halls only to stumble over 4 Mind Flayers conducting sick experiments with captured humanoids.

Once they had dealt with the Mind Flayers, the Sons went through the Forlorn Caverns, the slum of Ironforge. A very narrow and creepy place, but they found nothing of interest. They ended up in the Mystic Ward, where they found a divination room and a conjuring room, connected to a large temple to Erathis. With no info gotten there, nor in the ancient crypts, they opted to return to the library, thinking that the custodian might be bluffing. As it turns out, he wasn't. He turned into a Djinn and fought the Sons. The Sons were too powerful for him though, but during the fight, he managed to send Urnyx to Hell, evening the odds a bit. It was still not enough however, and the Sons killed him. As they didn't know what he was bound to (Contact Other Plane had told Nevron it was "the Red Sultan"), they suspected that he wasn't really dead and would probably reform the very next morning.

Either way, the Sons had a problem. Urnyx was in Hell, hiding from devils and demons and they had no way of getting to him before the next morning. Also, whether they could actually find him was a completely different question. Hell is infinite and they didn't have much to go on. They decided that this was a job for someone more powerful than themselves. Arath broke the rod and Garos arrived in a flash of divine light. He then got Urnyx out of Hell and dumped him unceremoniously on the floor in front of his friends. And then disappeared. 

In the library, they found info about the Gong. It had been placed in an underground vault below the throne room.

Day 270 (1st cycle of winter, 18th day)
The Sons headed to the throne room armed with the 4 keys. After finding the secret entrance by turning the throne, they found themselves in a room with 27 statues of dwarven kings, all with outstretched hands. A sphinx was guarding the place. It calmly told them that they had to place the keys in the right hands.

They failed and the time-controlling sphinx attacked. After a long fight, the Sons were victorious. Sure, the door to proceed further into the complex was open, but there was no gong. Finally they managed to deduce the correct clues and activate the room where the gong had been placed.

Hit by a stroke of intelligence, Urnyx sent in some animals from his magical bag, using the creatures to trigger not one, but two deadly traps. The way cleared, the Sons went into the chamber which held 4 gateways to the 4 different elemental planes. In the middle of the room was the greatest construct ever built, the Statue of Ironforge.

The battle was long and hard, worthy of 100's of songs, and in the end, the statue crumbled while the Sons stood standing, although barely.

Inside the pieces of the statue, they found a portal hole with the gong and a lot of other treasure.

Day 270 (1st cycle of winter, 19th day)
The Sons returned to their tower.

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