onsdag den 28. oktober 2015

Session 21

10th cycle, 1st day, year 5850
After a rough fight with the wraith, the Green Gems investigated the temple a bit more, and fought another wraith or two. After that, they decided to head out and get some rest, as some of them felt quite drained by the ordeal. 

10th cycle, 2nd day, year 5850
The next day, the Green Gems went downstairs, where they found a huge crypt complex, filled with rooms with sarcophaguses and other buried Yuan-ti. Each room seemed magically trapped, and often seemingly wandering wraiths attacked them. Progress was slow through the many rooms, as they often had to take a breather. They did stumble over various mosaics depicting the imprisonment of the Yuan-tis' serpent god(?) in a volcano to the west of the jungle. 

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