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Session 19

A few weeks later, the Green Gems are once again ready to leave the protective walls of Dorador. During their break, they have done various things. 

Ander has worked the gem-cutting community and befriended Josjen, the 3rd son of Mr Green, a gem-broker who primarily deals in emeralds. 

Bebe has held auditions and assembled a troupe, consisting of Ofarri (singer), Ashena and Napenor (jugglers)

Kelal has also started working on his mercenary band/private army, and after lengthy tests found one capable man called Deamoral. He has sent him to work at the Limping Ogre Inn as bouncer, to earn some cash.

9th cycle, 26th day, year 5850
The Green Gems leave Dorador to find the forgotten city with golden roofs that Yazir's ghost told them about. They have about 10 days trip into the jungle.

After a couple of hours, they realize they are followed. They confront the men following and it ends with bloodshed. The men were mercenaries sent by the Fire Knives to kill the Green Gems. Kimorik, the lone survivor, strikes a deal in order to save his skin, and Kelal, who was impressed by his skills, hires him for his private army. Kimorik's first job is to spy on Deamoral.

9th cycle, 29th day, year 5850
The Green Gems swing by the Cara tribe at the behest of Salazar. M'kono needs help, as the Great White is still at large, preying on the moon elves whenever they leave their village. And he is worried that continued failure to kill the beast will eventually cost him his spot as leader. And with the Cara tribe under pressure from other moon elf tribes which allegedly have allied themselves with returned Yuan-ti, that would be really bad for the people of Dorador.

After a few hours of "hunting", the Green Gems find the Great White, or rather it finds them. After a short but deadly battle, the dinosaur lies dead at their feet and they have the gratitude of a moon elf tribal leader.

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