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Session 18

8th cycle, 34th day, year 5850

The Green Gems finish exploring the mines. They fight off a beaked horror which almost kills Kelal. In the cave where it lairs, Salazar spots a druid marker saying important info here. Buried beneath the rocks is a magical staff with druidic runes. Aside from being magical, it is also hollow and contains old magically preserved notes. 

The notes were a mixture of ramblings and comments, saying stuff like: Captured by tentacled horrors, experimenting on us, horrible deaths, agonizing screams, they seem to breed from us, planting something, then after days, a tentacle bursts out, highly intelligent, mind-control, managed to split his mind to stay sane, yet he can feel the walls being torn down by insanity, hive mind, across vast distances, but the hive mind has limits, see us as food, eat brains, mining to look for pink gems. 

After that the Green Gems decided to return home. 

9th cycle, 2nd day, year 5850
After the usual treck through the jungle, the Green Gems returned home to Dorador. Once there, they learned a tiefling girl was looking for them. On the way, Bebe had read the main points of the book from the Madness Dwarves. Inside was a lot of knowledge:
Of the humans, numbers needed for food, numbers in the area, how long they can sustain them, notes about needing the region to develop more, to increase it's population. 

Of the night wisps (made by enemy, magical race, servant race, pinnacle of magic, made in eggs, grown very quickly, from blue (newborn) to red (child) to green (ancient) to yellow (ancient) in less than 6 cycles (1 cycle = 36 days) very powerful, of the aboleth

Of the Dragons - colors, breath weapons, spells, relative power, how to bribe/deal with them

Of the Aboleth - eternal enemy, almost respect, first on Gemnos, dormant, will rise again, created madness dwarves, night wisps.

9th cycle, 9th day, year 5850
After having bought a house, the Green Gems finally meet with the tiefling girl. It turns out that she is none other that Yazir's grand-daughter. She needs something that belonged to him, as she wishes to communicate with him again. Bebe fesses up that he might have one of Yazir's plumes. 

9th cycle, 10th day, year 5850
At evening, during a thunderstorm, Yazirra swings by and summons her grand-father's spirit. He confirms what they already suspected, that he was killed by the tall odd fellow that tried to buy the tablets from he Green Gems, the same they suspect being a Night Wisp. Yazir also told them he had cracked the tablets and figured out where the golden city was. 

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