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Session 15

8th cycle 25th day, year 5850

After defeating the evil of the pyramid, the Green Gems return to Dorador.

8h cycle, 26th day, year 5850

The Green Gems are approached by Jonas of the Republic, who due to their strong ties to the Cara tribe want to hire the Green Gems to investigate another ancient complex. While meeting with Jonas, Salazar is shocked to discover that of of Jonas' disciples is none othet than Balthazar, his brother long presumed dead.

He appears to have no recollection of neither Salazar nor Elsa and wants to stay with the Republicans.

8th cycle, 27h day, year 5850

The Green Gems leave for the jungle, accompanied by Elizabeth, one of Jonas' disciples. On the way t

8th cycle, 31st day, year 5850

They arrive at he complex, near the triangular tower they had stumbled upon several times. The outer complex is inhabited by Karijhu and Bakari (some of which go hunting as the heroes arrive) and protected by a lightning fence.

Salazar brings down the magical fence temporarily, and the Green Gems manage to surprise the opposition by fireballing them in their sleep. Still, facing four moon elves and four Bakari, the Green Gems were hard pressed but finally managed to win.

8th cycle, 32nd day, year 5850

After taking a good night's rest, the Green Gems decided to enter the complex. Inside, in a sort of antechamber, they found mosaics indicating that the Karijhu and Bakari had been created by Mindflayers.


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