onsdag den 2. september 2015

Session 17

8th cycle, 33rd day, year 5850

After decyphering the convergences, the Green Gems proceeded to investigate the complex. They found mysterious rooms where maybe experiments had taken place, odd alcoves where creatures had slept and a sort of temple, dominated by a large circular hole. They even found a weird sword, that they figured might no just be a sword, even though it showed no sign of being magic. They encountered weird magical creatures, some invisibible, some made of shadow and also some large brutes with tentacles for arms. Towards the end of the day, the Green Gems were searching through some mines discovered below the complex when disaster almost struck. They were jumped by a tentacled horror, which snapped Elizabeth's neck and tossed Kelal into a very deep hole. Salazar had to switch to giant spider form to get him, while Ander remained behind and dealt with the monster.

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