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Session 16

8th cycle, 32nd day, year 5850

Moving on from the Genesis-room, the Green Gems explored the alien-looking complex. They quickly encountered some dark, bald dwarves. After battling with the through several rooms, the Green Gems made a strategic withdrawal and struck a truce with the dwarves. In return of leaving them alone, they would get a book of lore the dwarves had found when they arrived and a peak around their part of the complex.

Tricking Elizabeth so that she remained oblivious to the finer details of the deal with the dwarves, Kelal and Salazar got a peak around the complex and saw the garden where the dwarves had found the book. An outside garden inside the hill, full of white lillies.

8th cycle, 33rd day, year 5850

With the book in hand, they decided to take a peak in behind the barred doors, even though the dwarves insisted they would block them again, once the Green Gems had gone through.

Entering beyond the barred doors, the Green Gems found a long corridor with large statues of Mindflayers. They fought a golem-like creature with tentacles for arms. Further down the corridor, they found a timeline(?) in Deep Speech that Bebe translated with magic.


  • 0 - Arrival
  • 298 - Creation of the Gith
  • 823 - Strategic Withdrawal
  • 1227 - Creation Yuan-ti
  • 1301 - Creation Karijhu
  • 1397 - Creation Bakari
  • 1789 - Yuan-ti united
  • 3243 - Yuan-ti destroyed
  • 5665 - Twins arrive
  • 9338 - Republic begun
  • 11000 - Zun created
  • 11549 - Sons of the Phoenix
  • 11580 - Green Gems
  • 11581 - Tarrasque
  • 11584 - Death of the "Gods"
  • 11591 - Destruction of Nira
  • 11976 - Domination
  • 13000 - Departure


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