onsdag den 5. august 2015

Session 15

8th cycle 17th day, Year 5850

After months of downtime, the Green Gems met up in the Cara village and decided to head back and fix the evil pyramid that threatened to ruin the jungle.

Around midday, they once again had to cross the river and once again, something was lurking, waiting to attack them. This time it was four Bakari, But with Salazar's squid-form and some patience, the Green Gems managed to deal with the black goblins.

8th cycle 18th day, Year 5850

The Green Gems once again passed by the triangular tower, but no new info was unearthed.

8th cycle 19th day, Year 5850

Entering the Zamuco tribe territory, he Green Gems took great care to not be discovered.

8th cycle 20th day, Year 5850

Towards evening, after exiting the Zamuco tribe territory, the Green Gems stumbled over a basilisk. The fight ended with Kelal being a stone statue. Salazar obviously knew about Greater Restoration and Bebe knew that some alchemist could make an antidote oil of sorts from the gullet of the basilisk. Salazar then recalled the Cara elders mentioning a halfling druid living nearby, but he couldn't recall exactly where, so he used his magic to ask a local parrot. The parrot led them to the druid's den. Late at night the druid, called Milo Goodbarrel, finally returned and agreed, upon hearing of their mission, to help Kelal.

8th cycle 21st day, year 5850

Kelal is cured of his condition, and the Green Gems head towards the ancient city

Late in the afternoon, they arrive. They enter the city and head towards the pyramid, dodging many undead creatures on the way. As they enter the pyramid to stop the necrotic smoke, they find themselves facing a Yuan-ti mummy and some skeletons. After a long fight, they manage to kill the evil creature, not the least thanks to Salazar's produce fire. They find some tablets, 4 potions and a mandolin as treasure. As they attempt to rest, they are attacked by 4 Yuan-ti ghouls, but they handle them easily.



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