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4th cycle, 11th day, Year 5850
The Green Gems begin their downtime

5th cycle, 30th day, Year 5850
The first of many ships arrive. Rumor that the Barakis have been somewhat cuddled has spread to the mainland, and that attracts new settlers. The big news from the other side of the ocean is that Sophie Ran, former warlord of the 7 Army Nation, has deposed the other warlords and now rule supreme.

6th cycle, 17th day, Year 5850
After a hunt, Cara hunters return with sad news. They ran into the Great White, a huge albino dinosaur, which killed the chief.

6th cycle, 24th day, Year 5850
M’Kono becomes chief of the Cara tribe.

6th cycle, 28th day, Year 5850
Bahatown has started mining for Topaz in the Burnt Hills.

7th cycle, 3rd day, Year 5850
By now, the Followers of the One God have become much more visible and gained a rather large following. They preach a new start under their guidance, citing Bahatown as an example of how one ought to live life.

7th cycle, 26th day, Year 5850
More news from the mainland. Sophie Ran has, along with the Sons of the Phoenix, famous heroes that saved the world from a demon invasion, invaded the Iron Kingdoms to the north and the Kingdom of Rha to the west, and quickly taken over both countries, more than tripling the area under her command (see map below)

8th cycle, 2nd day, Year 5850
Rumor that the Son of Emperor Kerrhylon, the Imperial heir Ghesh Kerrhylon has arrived to Maarak, spreads to Dorador, via traders working for the Melville family.

8th cycle 15th day, Year 5850
By now, more than 2000 new settlers have arrived to Dorador, hopeful of a new beginning. Not all of those arriving have the means necessary to make a perfect new beginning, so the Republicans have been helping, giving out low-interest loans to those in need.

Bahatown has grown as well, to about 600 people. Regular trade between Dorador and Bahatown has begun.

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