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Session 14

    3rd cycle, 34th day, Year 5850
    • For a while, it looked like possessed Kelal would kill his friends. 
    • Suddenly someone recalled that such a ghost was usually tied to a spot or an object, and figured it was tied to the skull that Bebe had picked up.
    • Salazar moved to destroy the skull as Bebe went down, but before he could finish the job, the ghost, which by now had left the body of Kelal after he went down, caught up with the resident druid and brought him down with it's foul touch.
    • Meanwhile, Bebe had gotten back on his feet and managed to destroy the skull with a well-placed blast.
    • Searching the ruins turned up 3 pieces with the words Eternity, Destruction and Dragonsouls on them, just as the other dragon-statue ruin.
    • On the corpses they found a scroll-case and two healing potions.
    • The scroll was written in Deep Speech (Bebe used Comprehend Languages) and said: 
    According to the Night Wisps that the High Serpent Priest awoke last moon, the first step in order to free the entrapped spirit of Zzozth is to find and destroy the 5 dragon-soul statues. Divinations indicate that one such statue is located in the ancient city of Ssashar. Go explore and destroy the statue by using the ritual the Night Wisps taught us, but beware, the city is cursed and full of undead brethren. Be vigilant. I do not trust these blue creatures, after all, they were a servant race created at the dawn of time by the Caxuctu.
    •  After reading the scroll, the Green Gems decided it was not time for tackling the pyramid.
    4th cycle, 1st day, Year 5850
    • The Green Gems arrive at the Cara tribe village
    • They learn from Obolak (Moon Elf Shaman) that Zzozth is the evil serpent god that the Yuan-ti worshipped. 
    • The Moon Elves are worried about the rumors that the Yuan-ti have returned.
    • Via their lore, they recall the dark days, as they call the period where they were enslaved by the Yuan-ti
     4th cycle, 4th day, Year 5850
    • Back in Dorador, they talk to Yazir Two-horn, who can't offer much info on the topic
    • But he does say he is very close to finding the location of a hidden Yuan-ti city.
    • A guy named Alfred has been looking for them, according to Elsa.
    • Bebe inquires about how to deal with unholy places and such with the Bahamut priests
    • One of the priests, named Brother Jared, asks to meet with the others, he has a job for them all
    • He tells that the Bahamut worshippers (Followers of the One God) have recently started a new village, called Bahatown
    • Now the village is under "attack" from some jungle ogres.
    • They want to hire the Green Gems to deal with the ogres
     4th cycle, 5th day, Year 5850
    • Before leaving, the Green Gems are approached by Alfred a tall, wiry and sort of odd fellow.
    • He wants to buy the pictograms
    • The Green Gems do not agree, and Bebe starts negotiating, asking for 30.000 gold.
    • Alfred leaves
     4th cycle, 8th day, Year 5850
    • They arrive at Bahatown. 
    • They meet with Headswoman Clarissa, Brother Jim and Father Melchior.
    • Then they headed out into the jungle to find the jungle ogres.
    • Following their tracks, they found the jungle giant who was leading them
    • They killed the giant and an ogre, and the rest fled
    • The Green Gems collected their 400 gp and returned home
     4th cycle, 11th day, Year 5850
    • The Green Gems arrived at Dorador, only to find out that Yazir had been killed and his tower burned down.

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