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Session 13

3rd cycle, 33rd day, Year 5850
  • Upon entering the cursed city, the Green Gems spot a triangular column, about 20 feet high, with something written on it.
  • As they investigate, they are attacked by a Yuan-ti Wraith, and both Ander and Kelal feel somewhat drained after fighting the undead creature. 
  • Bebe sends out his Quasit familiar to get the lay of the land. He spots a huge well, a gargantuan statue of a many-armed snake, a broken dragon-statue and a rather large pyramid which literally oozes evil from the top.
  • They decide to take a short break outside, in order to recuperate. 
  • They go back into the city and head towards the well.
  • The 30' wide well is very deep.
  • While Bebe, once again through his familiar, investigates, he is jumped by a Yuan-ti wight. Another wight joins the fight, but the Green Gems manage to defeat the foul creatures without too much hazzle.
  • They press on to the many-armed snake statue, where they are attacked by two Will O'Wisps.
  • The Wisps prove somewhat hard to deal with, and especially Bebe is in trouble, having been drained earlier by the wights.
  • Instead of going to the dragon-statue, the Green Gems decide to once head outside and get some rest.
  • On the way out, they attract the attention of a pack of ghouls, but the undeads are no match for the heroes.
3rd cycle, 34th day, Year 5850
  • The Green Gems re-enter the cursed city and stealth towards the dragon-statue. 
  • As they arrive, they find a broken statue, that seemingly has exploded from the inside, just as the other one had.
  • One thing different are the 3 Yuan-ti skeletons and the 4 Bakari skeletons that are right next to the rubble from the statue.
  • Bebe goes to investigate and picks up the skull of one of the Yuan-ti.
  • Immediately, the ghost of the Yuan-ti emerges from the corpse from which Bebe took the skull and says something in a language they do not understand.
  • Quickly Kelal is possessed and the fight is turning against the Green Gems. 

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