onsdag den 3. juni 2015

Session 10

2nd cycle, 36th day, Year 5850
  • After a long and brutal fight, with everybody barely standing towards the end, they negotiated a cease-fire with the remaining dragonborn (the other two were dead), who according to the deal promptly left the habitat.
  • The Green Gems continued their search of the place and finally found what they were looking for.
  • The last building seemed as if the roof had been blown off.
  • Inside was (as far as they gathered), the remains of a (sort of) hollow statue of a dragon who seemed to have exploded.
  • They found 5 draconic runes on bits of the statue. 
  • Guard, destruction, dragonsouls, eternity and sleep were the 5 runes
  • There were more, but they were too destroyed to decipher.
  • Outside the building there were signs of someone(s) standing for a long time - maybe enacting a ritual?
  • The Green Gems also thought that the comets proximity was tied to the statue and/or the ritual
  • There was a red ara feather around the same area
  • There was also a golden ring, made for something bigger than a human
3rd cycle, 4th day, Year 5850
  • The Green Gems arrive back in Dorador
  • Yazir Two-Horn tell them that he is almost certain that he will soon have the location of an ancient Yuan-ti city.
  • Hearing about their discovery, he confirms certain things, and links the white smoke to a dragonsoul.
  • He also tells them that the pictograms indicate that the dragons ruled over the Yuan-ti about 8000 years ago, then suddenly left.
  • Bebe theorized that they didn't leave, but instead gave their life to imprison something that has now been released.
  • Yazir also identifies the shield they found as a shield that makes the wearer very perceptive and quick to react. It says "Always Vigilant" in celestial on the shield and was also created by heavenly creatures at the dawn of time, or something along those lines.
  • The Green Gems meet up with Lazy, who informs them that Kraznik, of Kraznik & Sons, one of the most powerful merchants in Dorador, has a spear matching their description hanging on his wall, over his desk.
  • He warns them going toe to toe with Kraznik, as he has two extremely capable bodyguards who rarely leave his side.
  • The Green Gems decide to see if perhaps they can get something out of the Hoods, who were previously hired by Kraznik to deal with the Bakari shaman.

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