onsdag den 27. maj 2015

Session 9

2nd cycle, 34th day, Year 5850
  • Buy rations and other things needed for a trip to the white smoke
  • Salazar thinks he sees his brother, who he thought dead, but loses him
  • The Green Gems head south for the hills with the white smoke
2nd cycle, 35th day, Year 5850
  • Close to dawn, a panther is stalking their camp, but it runs away when discovered by Salazar
  • The White smoke has disappeared
2nd cycle, 36th day, Year 5850
  • At night, the Green Gems are attacked by a Bakari shapeshifted into a jaguar. 
  • The poor creature is entangled and webbed, then forced to sleep by Ander.
  • Bebe interrogates it and learns that it has no clan due to being cursed. 
  • The Bakari is thrown into the sea from the cliffs.
  • Around lunch, the Green Gems enter the hills. 
  • Dell, Bebe's new pet is sent out to scout and locates a hidden location with buildings of stone
  • They arrive and survey the hidden area.
  • Huge ruined marble buildings which can't be seen from the sea-side
  • They start to explore the buildings
  • The Green Gems are attacked by swarms of spiders, barely surviving
  • One of several enormous columns sports draconic names at the top
  • The size of the buildings and the presence of Draconic leads the Green Gems to think that this was a dragon "village".
  • Otherwise the style is very "clean"
  • Salazar discovers dried blood and follows the trail, almost falling into a covered pit of snakes.
  • They find the body of a dead Tiefling, complete with two curved and jagged swords and some spell components.
  • In another building, they find a golden shield with an eye and some unknown words inscribed above the eye. Despite having been buried by rubble for what must be many years, the shield is not dirty at all. 
  • As the Green Gems make their way to the bridge to the other part of the village(?), most of them are surprised when someone/something fires a x-bow on them.

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