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Session 8

2nd cycle, 31st day, Year 5850
  • The Green Gems return to Dorador, with the shaman in tow.
  • Stopping at a barn in the sugar-canes fields of Dorador, they interrogate the Baraxi shaman who tells them that Hregar, the high shaman was the brains behind the attacks, because he had made a deal with 3 white people (humans?) from Dorador to burn the fields. He had also given the spear to the leader of the 3 white people.
  • Once back in Dorador, they handed the Baraxi over to Sergeant Jones
  • They concluded their deal with Jonas, and agreed to try to find out who was behind the deal with the Baraxi. 
  • 200 gold would be their reward, unless the mastermind was a noble, then the price would go up to 500 gold.
  • Then Bebe toured the inns and spread the rumor that the Baraxi was going to identify 3 people who had hired the black goblins
  • The Green Gems then hid in a cell at the prison (after making a plan with Sergeant Jones)
2nd cycle, 32nd day, Year 5850
  • 3 thugs arrived at the prison during the night.
  • Let in by the guard, whom they had bribed, they went in and killed the Baraxi shaman.
  • The Green Gems jumped them, but they were very competent, and suddenly the heroes found themselves in a fight for their lives. In the end, only the new guy Kelal was standing, and luckily, the two remaining thugs were wounded and no intention of dying for a Baraxi, so they took off. 
  • They were members of the Hoods
  • After getting some more sleep, the Green Gems went to Madam Frida's Tea Parlor to talk to Lazy of the Short Brothers, thinking maybe he could help them with locating the spear.
  • As it turned out, Lazy had a different job for them.
  • A merchant the Short Brothers had "come in contact with" was due to buy a dragon egg from an elf later this night. 
  • The Short Brothers want more info about the seller, and since the merchant looked a lot like Ander, the Green Gems would pose and buy the dragon egg with fake gems while planting a magical pin on seller.
  • The Green Gems took the job against Lazy sending out word about the spear.
  • The Green Gems immediately went ahead and went to one of the empty barns in the sugar-canes fields, since that was where they were supposed to meet with the elf later on.
  • They hid in the barn, waiting.
2nd cycle, 33rd day, Year 5850
  • Shortly after midnight, 4 thugs arrived.
  • From the conversation the Green Gems overheard, the thugs were there to steal the egg from seller.
  • The Green Gems made short work of the thugs, but Kelal decided to kill the last thug even though he surrendered, which led to a somewhat strained situation
  • At 2 hours past midnight, the elf arrived with two bodyguards
  • The exchange got made, even though he had some doubts on whether Ander was really the same seller he had made a deal with.
  • With some difficulty and some blind luck, they also managed to place the pin on the elf.
  • They then returned to Lazy with the egg.

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