lørdag den 16. maj 2015

Session 7

2nd cycle, 30th day, Year 5850
  • After a long fight, the Green Gems fail to capture the leader, who gets away
  • The captured Bakari does tell them of the main camp, the village of the Bakari and the plan to keep hitting the fields. But he doesn't know why. 
  • He does know they plan to hit it every night from now on.
  • The Green Gems return to Dorador to get some rest
2nd cycle, 31st day, Year 5850
  • At night, the fields of Dorador are once again attacked by the Bakari
  • This time, the Green Gems manage to pinpoint the leader of the Bakari and capture him.
  • He knows very little
  • After sleeping some, they leave for the camp of the Bakari.
  • They find the shaman there, alone with 2 other Bakari hunters and a captured dinosaur.
  • The Green Gems kill the two Bakari hunters and capture the shaman (using a sleep spell after making the dinosaur trample him)

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