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Session 6

2nd cycle, 28th day, Year 5850
  • Tama Kelal joins the Green Gems
  • Alternative names for the group are discussed
  • Yazir Two-Horns (tiefling sage) informs what he so far has learnt from the pictograms from the Yuan-ti pyramid
    • There are 3 types of Yuan-ti: Pureblood, Malison and Abomination
      • Pureblood: Look human except for slit eyes and forked tongue. Workers/slaves of Yuan-ti society. Had no rights. Mostly female. 
        • Custom: Self-scarring, piercing of ears and cheeks, bury beneath house
      • Malison: Snake lower body, human upper body. Hunters of Yuan-ti society.
        • Custom: Tattooing of entier upper body, minus face, bury beneath house
      • Abomination: Large snake with arms. Leaders of Yuan-ti society.
        • Custom: Bury in pyramid with Pureblood slaves
    • Yuan-ti grew maize
    • Best way to die was ritual suicide, then you automatically went to the Serpent Gods
    • When dead, wrapped in cotton with a silver piece in mouth
    • Sacrifizes to the Serpent gods were common, always at night, to the moon
    • Story of the Yuan-ti race much older than anticipated
      • First ruled by cloaked figures with tentacle mouths (Just Purebloods)
      • Then ruled by dragons (Purebloods and Malisons)
      • After dragons, Abominations appear and the Yuan-ti subjugated the Karijhu (moon elves) and the Bakari (black goblins)
      • Pictograms also indicate that the Yuan-ti built vast cities and had great wealth
2nd cycle, 29th day, Year 5850
  • The Green Gems are contacted by Lazy (halfling, member of the Short Brothers, a thieves guild with a very large network), who wishes to know about the mission they performed for emissaries of the Republic.
  • The Green Gems also learn that El'Jenar, Elsa's boss, has a house for sale and is looking to make contact with them.
2nd cycle, 30th day, Year 5850
  • The Green Gems help deal with another Bakari attack on the fields outside Doarador. 
  • They cash in on their Bakari ears with Sergeant Jones and lie regarding how many Bakari they dealt with, and thus inflate their reputation.
  • They are contacted by a Jason, a well-dressed man who resides at the Tall Bimbo.
  • He wants them to find out why the Bakari are attempting to burn the fields
  • They hire a hunter (Tall Tim) to track the Bakari and head out into the jungle.
  • They catch a Bakari of the Black Skull Tribe, but he knows very little.
  • They learn there is a camp
  • They track down a "leader", who is out hunting by the river, along with 3-4 other Bakari.

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