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Session 5

2nd cycle, 25th day, Year 5850

  • The Green Gems left Dorador along with Sandy, heading NE towards the Yellow Hills in search of the tower.
  • As they entered the wild area outside Dorador and night fell, they were attacked by a saber-toothed tiger. After killing it, Salazar, while still in raptor form, encountered a moon elf, a Karijhu.
  • His name is M'Kono of the Cara tribe
  • His ancestors' spear was stolen a couple of weeks ago
  • He was blamed and cast out by tribe
  • He found some goblins who admitted their shaman had given/sold the spear to a man from Dorador.
  • M'Kono asks them for help.
  • There is a huge meteor that appears in the sky
2nd cycle, 26th day, Year 5850
  • The Green Gems arrive at the tower
  • It is occupied by a bunch of cultists that have recently learned that the tower holds a special connection to Hell.
  • Sandy awakens from her passive mode and negotiates an expanded assignment for the Green Gems. 
  • All the Orcus cultists are subsequently killed by the Green Gems.
  • Sandy goes into a secret part of the basement and emerges a bit later, satisfied with the results.
2nd cycle, 28th day, Year 5850
  • The Green Gems arrive back at Dorador

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