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Session 4

2nd cycle, 20th day, Year 5850
  • The Green Gems talked with Two-Horn and struck a deal
2nd cycle, 21st day, Year 5850
  • On the way home from a tavern, the Green Gems spotted a man being assaulted in an alley.
  • They followed the perps through a secret door in one of the ancient giant walls.
  • They witnessed the kidnappers hand him off to a 3 ft tall blue elf-like creature who was flying.
  • They heard the creature asking the kidnappers to return the next night "with a female this time"
  • They fought and were losing, when Bebe managed to land Tasha's Hideous Laughter on the creature, so that the Green Gems could get away.
  • They did however manage to save the man and capture one of the kidnappers.
  • The kidnapper, a Fire Knife, was turned over to the guards.
2nd cycle, 22nd day, Year 5850
  • The fields outside Dorador were attacked by Barakis and parts of the fields were burnt off.
  • The Green Gems fought and killed 3 Baraki and helped stopped the fire.
  • At evening, The Green  Gems laid a trap in the ancient sewers, so when the kidnappers returned, they surprised them and killed them all, bar one.
  • Using magic they impersonated the flying blue elf, but scared the remaining thug into fleeing
  • They followed as far as they could, then waited to see if he would come back.
2nd cycle, 23rd day, Year 5850
  • Bebe acted all weird, and delivered a white lily to Damon, the leader(?) of the Guardians of One Gemnos, the embassy of the Republic.
  • Damon offered the Green Gems a job. To escort a woman named Sandy to a ruin near the Yellow Hills, to pick up some tablets for 100 gold.
  • The Green Gems were very skeptical about him.
  • The Green Gems waited for the thug and then the blue elf to return, but neither showed up.
2nd cycle, 24th day, Year 5850
  • With one day to go before having to leave with Sandy, the Green Gems spend it chilling out

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