onsdag den 11. marts 2015

Session 3

2nd cycle, 6th day, Year 5850
  • They spent some days in Dorador.
  • They got their gems appraised.
  • They got their copper exchanged for gold.
  • They met with Yazir Two-Horn, the tiefling sage and struck a deal with him regarding the pictograms.
  • They hired 4 pages to copy all the pictograms
2nd cycle, 9th day, Year 5850
  • Salazar, Ander, Bebe and Flint, along with 4 pages returned to the Yuan-ti temple
  • The 4 pages worked for 10 days, copying the pictograms on pieces of parchment.
  • Salazar made some healing potions.
  • Ander cut the two uncut jaspers they had found.
2nd cycle, 17th day, Year 5850
  • As they were running out of wood for fire, they made a trip to the jungle to collect more wood. They fought some flying snakes.
2nd cycle, 20th day, Year 5850
  • Returning to Dorador, they ran into five lizardmen, who proved to be somewhat of a challenge, but Sleep, Entangle and Salazar in velociraptor form won the day.

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