onsdag den 4. marts 2015

Session 2

2nd cycle, 2nd day, Year 5850
  • Ander got rid of his paralysis and woke up.
  • They went looking for gems in the Yellow Hills.
  • Wanting to get a sample of the Yellow Stones, Ander caused part of the hill to collapse, narrowly avoiding a 22 ft fall.
  • There was an ancient Yuan-ti pyramid in the cave revealed by the collapse of the hill.
  • The heroes ventured down and into the pyramid.
  • They explored a hallway full of pictograms depicting the daily life, rituals, customs and history of the Yuan-ti people. There were even a few words here and there, although in language(s?) that neither of them could understand.
  • They found a crypt of servants and avoided a trap which had fire-breathing serpent statues, but had to fight four skeletons. Bebe went down hard when he fell on two of the skeletons' blades.
  • They went outside to rest
2nd cycle, 3rd day, Year 5850
  • They re-entered  the pyramid.
  • Going down, they were attacked by some crawling claws, which they quickly dealt with.
  • They then avoided another trap (or rather a pressure plate) by jumping over it.
  • More stairs, more crawling claws.
  • They found the crypt, complete with a sarcophagus and tables of icons. One of the icons was a Dust Mephit. The two half-elves were immune, so no one went down to the Sleep spell, then Ander knocked it out of the air with his own sleep spell, and the others took it out. 
  • Inside the sarcophagus was the remains of a 11 ft snake with two human-like arms, presumably a Yuan-ti. There was also a ghoul, one of the women(?) who had been buried "alive" with the Yuan-ti. The ghoul died quickly.
  • Turning the very large sarcophagus revealed a secret door, with a room with a chest behind.
  • Inside the chest was a some money, gems and potions. 
  • A Quasit "arrived" as they touched the gems. 
  • The Quasit was quickly killed.
  • They returned to Dorador with the money, gems and potions.

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