onsdag den 25. februar 2015

Session 1

2nd cycle, 2nd day, Year 5850
  • After spending time together on different ships getting across Gemnos, Ander, Bebe and Salazar have become friends.
  • They have been in Dorador for about a week, living with Salazar's sister (Lower Class area near docks, updated on map)
  • Ander has an idea to make them rich, he wants them to find gems.
  • Via Korbal from the Explorers of Nalindor (Travel area, updated on map), they hook up with Flint, an Erathis-quoting dwarf.
  • They head for the Yellow Hills.
  • They make a quick stop at Quarry, the mining post at the Yellow Hills.
  • Heading into the hills to search for gems, they run into 2 giant wolf spiders.
  • Bebe's magic slays the two spiders, but the fight leaves most of them wounded and Ander paralyzed. 
  • While waiting on Ander's paralysis to pass, an ape comes by and challenges them, but Salazar manages to scare it off.

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