onsdag den 18. februar 2015

Session 53

Day 286 (1st cycle of winter, 36th day) - countdown day 26
Somehow, the Sons managed to get Nevron back on his feet, and the battle raged on, the demi-lich assaulting them with death howls and draining necromantic attacks. Unfortunately for the poor undead, a paladin armed with a mace of disruption is no picnic. Soon the demi-lich lay destroyed on the floor. The ritual had stopped and the danger passed.

The Sons ported back to Starkhold and immediately started to work on their plans. They told José Stark everything about what was going on, and told him they were going to summon Aura right outside his gates.

Arath struck the gong, sending a ripple through the multiverse. And then everybody waited. Half of the city on the walls, the Sons of the Phoenix outside..

Day 287 (2nd cycle of winter, 1st day, year 5850) - countdown day 27
As the sun rose, the clouds parted and Aurac arrived, easily the largest dragon anyone had ever seen. After some groveling and greetings, the Sons told him the jist of what was happening. They hatched a quick plan and Aurac then allowed them to ride with him, as he flew faster than they thought possible over the lands of Gemnos, to the Great Crevasse. 

Day 290 (2nd cycle of winter, 4th day, year 5850) - countdown day 30
As they arrived, they could see the Ironville army was spread out in a semi-circle around the ancient portal, but not in very strategically sound places.

As they landed near Sophie Rans command tent, Aurac made sure the 30.000 troops weren't going to rush to the defense of the possessed warlord, while the Sons attacked her, trying to force Ter-Zoth out. As soon as they attacked her, the orc-ogre-cyclops army sounded the attack, crashing into the now terrified army from Ironville. 

Soon after, Natalia Blackhorn appeared at the portal, starting the ritual, while her surprise for Aurac arrived, the Three had lay in ambush, as the evil alliance had long known that Aurac might be involved. 

The fight raged on. Urnyx killed Sophie Ran, forcing Ter-Zoth out. But the Sons were already somewhat wounded. Nevron managed to banish the demon temporarily, while Arath brought Sophie back from the dead to lead the army once again. With Ter-Zoth back, things quickly took a turn for the worse. Even Urnyx went down to the massive onslaught by the demon, but in the end, they managed to slay him. But it wasn't over. Everywhere people were dying, feeding the portal and Natalia Blackhorn. After chucking down almost every potion they could find, the Sons rushed towards the portal. A cyclops intercepted them, but Nevron quickly managed to suggest it to lead the way to the portal instead of killing them. 

Once at the portal, the Sons faced Natalia Blackhorn, the greatest warlock of the Cursed Lands. Fortunately for them, she was sustaining the portal, and could not use her full power. Yet, even at that, she was certainly a match for our 3 heroes. Especially her spears of pure force ripped through the Sons at quick pace and death was imminent. Urnyx went down. Arath was also gravely wounded. Nevron was running out of magic to toss at her. With Urnyx bleeding out, Nevron managed to hypnotize her and keep her in trance while Arath got Urnyx back on his feet so that they could fell the evil tiefling, stopping the ritual and saving the world.

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