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Creatures of Nalindor

The continent of Nalindor holds a great many species that are not seen elsewhere. First and foremost, the jungles are home to great scaled beasts called the Wingless Dragons or the Great Lizards (dinosaurs). They come in many sizes and shapes and are generally as diverse as the human race. From pacific herbivores to bloodthirsty hunters.

Aside from the Great Lizards, the Bakiri are perhaps the most common creature not found elsewhere. Loosely of the goblin family, these dark-skinned diminutive (4-5 feet) but strong creatures populate the Green Abyss in clans of 50-200. They are always ruled by a queen and extremely bloodthirsty although not terribly bright.

Also populating the Green Abyss are the Karijhu. Dark Elves. Moon Elves some people call them. They build pyramids deep in the jungles and sacrifice the hearts of their prisoners to To, the ancient, more primal version of Torax. Their best hunters are said to be shape-shifters, being able to change to a jaguar in order to hunt their prey, while others are said to possess abilities that allow them to attack the mind of their prey.

Of all the races that populate the Green Abyss, the Rabaxi are the most enigmatic. Blind, mute, psionic albino cannibals that live in small villages consisting of mud-huts deep into the jungle. Few people have lived to tell the tale of encountering them and are by many regarded as a myth, a scary tale told to frighten those venturing out to explore the jungle.

Likewise the Denago is the stuff of local legends. Supposedly a race of blue ogres possessing vast magical powers. But so far, only evidence of their existence comes from ancient books and texts.

Aside from these humanoid races, the jungles of Nalindor are also famous for it's Dream Serpents. Intelligent, predatory large serpents with the ability to put people to sleep before striking and killing, their bite is said to cause inability to sleep due to the nightmares. Sounds scary? You are indeed right, but the worst are by far the Zar-cats. Monstrously large black panthers with a spiked tails and the ability to instill fear into their victims, they are seen and revered as the ultimate hunter.

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