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Nobles of Dorador

Dorador, the Port to Nalindor, is ruled by seven families of nobles who came together 11 years ago and built a power base in the ruins of giant city. For better and worse, they control most aspects of what happens in Dorador and the trade that flows out of the city to distant lands.

The Beaumont family:
Originate from Ortygal, Lionel Beaumont, the patriarch of the family left the ever slowly crumbling empire to seek a place far away from the Ortygalian politics, a place where he could carve out as his own, instead of just being the sixth son of an unimportant family. So far, things are going well, and Lionel's eldest son Robert sits on the High Council.

The Greville family:
Hailing out of Varnor, the Grevilles' business is conducted by the twins Jack and John, which they do well. Cold and calculating, the relatively young men are none the less nothing but a front for their grand-mother, the venerable Elisabeth Greville. Said to be more than 90 years old, the aging woman, that is never seen outside the family mansion, is said to run the family business with an iron grip.

The Eden family:
James Eden, the head of the Eden family, is the current Duke of Dorador. It is commonly known that the family is from Belcoast in the Seven Army Nation, but aside from that, little is known about the Edens. They rarely talk about the past. One rumor that has circulated is that James Eden incurred the wrath of Warlord Jasper Ladjeer due to helping the Dragon Mother with a political plot and that they all had to board a ship in the middle of the night in order to avoid retribution.

The Iricha family:
Being from Djaboor, the Iricha family is not originally a noble family. In Djaboor, Jarzé Iricha was a wealthy merchant. But when the local Sorcerer-King wanted to marry his daughter, and he refused, he had no choice but to flee the country. The family fled west and crashed into Nalindor near what is now Dorador. They were (and still are) loaded with gold and were thus part of the seven families that quickly took control of the growing community.

The Paquin family: 
Joseph Paquin is a mild-mannered man who is well-liked especially the poor of Dorador. He runs several soup-kitchens and is often seen wandering the slums of Dorador, handing out silver pieces and bread. Some say he was dispatched from Belcoast by the Dragon Mother herself to make the new world a better place for all.

The Melville family:
The Melvilles, who originally came from Starkhold, and who are lead by Carlo Melville, would have made excellent merchants if they weren't nobles. So good in fact, it is sometimes hard to tell the difference. Maybe that is why the family has a monopoly trading with New Kyz. Whatever the reason, the monopoly benefits them well and along with the Beaumonts, they own the largest and most impressive private estates of Dorador.

The Anraq family:
The third family hailing from Belcoast, the Anraqs have never hidden the fact of their drive to explore and gain information and uncover ancient artifacts. That is why they left Belcoast and that is why they are founding The Explorers of Nalindor (The Explorers for short), an organization that sponsors able adventurers' forays into the Green Abyss in search of secrets long buried by the jungle.

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