onsdag den 11. februar 2015

Session 52

Day 285 (1st cycle of winter, 35th day) - countdown day 25
After finishing up in the church of Shar, the Sons returned to the temple, to check up on the Lathander priests and get some healing from Morninglord Henry. The darkness was covering a circle roughly 400 yards in radius at this point and did not seem to slow down, even though a third of the ritual had been disrupted. 

After some debates and talks, the Sons planeshifted to the Faerie, landing at the foot of the hill. The promptly proceeded to move further away and set up for the night in a Leomund's Shelter. 

After sleeping soundly, the Sons made their way through the junglelike wood towards the church. Just outside, they were attacked by 11 fey goblins. Nevron tried to negotiate with them, but with no luck. The goblins died quickly however, even though they did manage to wound the Sons enough to force them to heal a bit up, before heading in. 

Inside the church, they found themselves facing Rau-Dragor, a black dracolich with pisonic powers. The fight was long and brutal, with Urnyx being caught in the firm grip of dragon-fear more or less from start to finish. Yet somehow, the Sons managed to kill the undead dragon and once again, Nevron dispelled the ritual easily.

They spent the rest of the day and the night in the church.

Day 286 (1st cycle of winter, 36th day) - countdown day 26
The next morning, Nevron planeshifted the Sons into the Underworld and headed straight for the church. Inside, they found 9 shadar-kais protecting a shadar-kai shadowcaster who by all accounts was sustaining the ritual. As the Sons plowed their way through the shadar-kais, they could almost smell victory. Right until the skull of Aziir Nak'tell floated out from behind the altar. The demi-lich howled and Nevron dropped to the floor, his heart beating slower and slower.

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