onsdag den 28. januar 2015

Session 51

Day 282 (1st cycle of winter, 32nd day) - countdown day 22
The next day, the Sons returned to the Church of Shar to investigate. They found it was warded against teleportation and the entranced was glyphed several times over. The Sons instead entered through the holes in the wall, and checked for more traps, but found nothing. Urnyx tried to alter the symbols drawn in chalk, hoping that it might screw with the ritual, just in case.

Day 283 (1st cycle of winter, 33rd day) - countdown day 23
The last clerics arrived from Ironville and Morninglord Henry finished his hallow of the area near the temple of Shar.

Day 284 (1st cycle of winter, 34th day) - countdown day 24
As the sun went down, the ritual started and necrotic energy started to pour in through the three portals, convalescing into the Orb of the Void (which suddenly appeared in the middle of the portals) before pouring up into the air, slowly beginning to cover the sky around the temple.

The Sons peered into the portals and found out that they all lead to the same spot (the Shar church) on the three different planes. 

The Sons hurried to the one on Gemnos, arriving a couple of hours later. Krakas was in full swing, surveying the ritual. 

Avoiding the glyphs, the Sons tried to surprise him, but his spells warned him of them coming and he had a few surprises ready. Symbol, a reversal of gravity and an icestorm later, and things began to look as if they would soon end for our heroes. But slowly and surely they clawed their way back from the edge of mortality and after a very long fight, one of the most powerful necromancers of the Seven Army Nation lay dead at their feet and a third of the powerful ritual had been disrupted by the magical skills of Nevron. 

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