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Session 50

Day 278 (1st cycle of winter, 27th day) - countdown day 18
The Sons decided to stay at the temple and inspect it, then await for night to fall and see what happened. 

Day 279 (1st cycle of winter, 28th day) - countdown day 19
After finding out that the temple became increasingly powerful during the night, the Sons took turns sleeping and keeping lookout.

Suddenly 3 demons arrived, looking for the Sons, as told by their master. The Sons managed to ambush them, and even though the demons took a while to kill, the magic of the Sons made the fight very easy. 

With the demons dead, the Sons moved their camp to another hidden spot in the crevasse and continued to keep watch of the temple.

Sometime after dawn, but before they were fully rested, a Gelugon arrived, also looking for the Sons. This fight proved somewhat harder, but in the end, the demon was sent back to Hell. The Sons decided to move their campsite further away to sleep in.

Once they awoke, they returned to the temple and figured out that the power had once again diminished. They deduced that the power was keyed to the darkness, not the time in relation to the beginning of the ritual.

The Sons ported back to Ironville and their tower to make further plans. They spoke to Ruby and Elias, then paid Morninglord Henry a visit and told him all about the undead plot and the ritual. He immediately offered help, and it was decided that his priests would travel to the temple the next day, and that he and a couple of priests would teleport along with the Sons when they went back.

Day 280 (1st cycle of winter, 29th day) - countdown day 20
The Lathander priests left for the Shar Temple.
Nevron teleported Ruby to the east, to the Faetown army, to find out about their status.

Day 281 (1st cycle of winter, 30th day) - countdown day 21
The Sons ported back to the Shar Temple, along with Morninglord Henry, a couple of priests and the golems. Shortly after arriving, Nevron took flight and scouted the surrounding area. About 2-3 miles away, he found the building that Urnyx had felt previously. It turned out to be a large, ruined Shar Temple. However, inside there was clues that led him to believe someone or something was preparing a ritual of some sort - the floor was completely cleaned of debris and chalk had been used to draw up preliminary symbols.

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