torsdag den 8. januar 2015

Session 49

Day 277 (1st cycle of winter, 26th day) - countdown day 17
After a good night's rest and some planning, the Sons, once again looking like orcs, returned to the camp and made their way to the command-tent inside the cave. There they debated and thought up all sorts of crazy plans involving the bag of beans that Urnyx was carrying, but when it did not produce the desired result, they decided to face off whoever was inside the tent head on. As it turns out, it was the Glabrezu they encountered in Faytown, once again masquerading as an elf. Unfortunately, he had two Bone Devils lurking around invisible, and the fight proved quite a mouthful for the 3 Sons. But in the end they prevailed and the demons died and were sent back to Hell.

With the demon dead, the Sons started to look for the Fey presence that Urnyx had detected. They identified him as the purple orc giving orders. After a while, the alarm was sounded, someone had figured out that the demon in charge was dead. The purple orc went in to find out, and the Sons followed, still cloaked with illusion to make them look like orcs.

As the purple orc was about to contact Ter-Zoth, or someone else, the Sons attacked. The purple orc turned out to be a Formorian of exceptional strength, and only after a long and hard battle did the heroes manage to come out on top, although Urnyx was left mishapen from it's Evil Eye.

Badly hurt and wounded, the Sons teleported away when discovered by the orcs.

Day 278 (1st cycle of winter, 27th day) - countdown day 18
With John-John checking in the night before and telling them he had found a temple, the Sons teleported back to Starkhold and left immediately for the Black Hills. There they inspected a Shar Temple but Urnyx detected another ruin within 3 miles. Maybe there were more temples.

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