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Important people of Dorador

Captain Bluescale: As the name indicates, Bluescale is a Dragonborn. Captain of the guard, rumored to be a former mercenary. Generally seen as a hard but fair "man". Not prone to talk or discuss things with people.

Yazir Two-horn: Tiefling sage, historian.

Explorers of Nalindor: Called EoN for short. Founded and funded by the Anraq family out of Belcoast. They search for all info and such of Nalindor. Everything from artifacts to maps of what happened before have an interest. Mostly they hire expeditions to follow up on clues found by others, but sometimes they fund expeditions for a cut.

Guardians of One Gemnos: From the Republic, acts like sort of an embassy, quietly preaching the ways of the Republic and the Republicans (communism and magic-is-bad). Also funds expeditions into the Green Abyss. They spend a lot of time and money serving food in the slums and lower class areas.

The Short Brothers - The local chapter of the guild runs most of the ladies for hire and the gambling of Dorador. Usually contactable via one of their brothels or gambling halls.

The Fire Knives - Another thieves' guild. Known for selling poison and dealing in extortions and blackmails. Unknown hideout.

The Hoods - The largest thieves' guild of Dorador. Thieves and pickpockets are almost all Hoods. They also cover most of the fencing and loansharking, too. Unknown hideout, but usually taverns in the Lower Class or Slum areas are a good way to start.

Church of Nira - The large church of Nira in Dorador is run by the ageing Highpriestess (and Sunite) Gina Sunflower. Those that grow or work in the sun flock here at dawn to pray and sacrifize animals for the day/week/month to go well.

Church of Torax - The church of Torax is run by High Priest simply called Great Moon. The Church is well-sought-out for advice on a number of subjects.

Followers of the One God - Not much is known so far.

Church of Erathis - The very large church of Erathis is run by Brother Erik. A panel of five Erathis priests serve as judges and settle disputes for the common man of Dorador. Anything involving the nobility or other power players are usually handled by the High Council or the Duke himself.

Salasar Inc - The worldspanning chain of shops owned by the Salasar family is run by Randolph Petri. Anything you want to buy, outside food, weapons, gems, armor and magic, they (usually) have.

Kraznik & Sons - Owned by James Kraznik, K&S is not only the largest competitor to Salasar Inc, but also the biggest producer of sugarcanes outside the nobility.

Red Rhum & Wines - The owner is Peter Lorrin. Specialized in producing high-end rhums and wines and shipping them around the world.  

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