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Session 11

3rd cycle, 5th day, Year 5850
  • The Green Gems decided to figure out some more about Kraznik and his two bodyguards.
  • They decided to survey his mansion, to see if he was ever without them
3rd cycle, 11th day, Year 5850
  • After 6 days of surveillance, Bruno, the large black bodyguard with the fearsome axe, finally left the mansion to visit a whore at the Dirty Dragon.
  • On the way back to the mansion, he also stopped to buy some expensive rum.
3rd cycle, 12th day, Year 5850
  • Tama Kelal visits the Dirty Dragon in order to find out which whore Bruno has visited.
  • He is entertained by Shiree, but fails to find out more.
3rd cycle, 13th day, Year 5850
  • Instead of ambushing Bruno at the Dirty Dragon, they decide to try to break into the mansion.
3rd cycle, 18th day, Year 5850
  • Like clockwork, Bruno leaves for the Dirty Dragon.
  • Kelal, Ander and Salazar keep the lookout while Bebe directs his imp familiar to enter the mansion, grab the spear and throw it out the window.
  • Meanwhile, Bebe had scaled the wall surrounding the mansion and jumped into the garden to pick up the spear.
  • As Bebe was going over the wall once again, he was seen by some people passing by, and the guards were alerted.
  • One of the guards ran after him, with Kelal following suit.
  • The guard caught up with Bebe, who was hiding with the spear.
  • Bebe killed the guard, while Kelal faked trying to help the guard.
  • Bebe ran away and his the spear, while Kelal gave false testimony to the guards arriving at the scene, causing them to suspect someone from the Hoods.
3rd cycle, 19th day, Year 5850
  • The Green Gems get Yazir to check if the spear is inherently evil or something like that, but it is not. He says it is magical but probably only works in the hands of a moon elf, or perhaps in the hands of a member of the Cara tribe.
  • Spear in hand, the Green Gems left Dorador and met up with M'Kono
  • He asked for their help in returning the spear to the village of the Cara tribe.
3rd cycle, 20th day, Year 5850
  • The Green Gems and M'Kono were attacked by some apes
3rd cycle, 21st day, Year 5850
  • Approaching Cara territory, they were spotted by Karijhu scouts.
  • Later the same day, they were attacked by two Karijhu warriors. Not all at the village are a big fan of M'Kono.
  • Towards evening, they arrive at the village.
  • They are let into the village and funneled amongst a hostile moon-elf crowd towards a large cabin near the stone pyramid who dominates the center of the village.
  • M'Kono presents the spear to his father Ka'nak and the skull-painted shaman, Obolak.
  • They do not seem entirely convinced, but then Bebe and Salazar step in and convinces them.
  • All is good and a feast is quickly prepared.
  • M'Kono has previously mentioned that there has been an earlier incident of white smoke about 9 months ago.
  • When the subject is breached by Ander, Obloak gets agitated.
  • In short, such knowledge is forbidden to outsiders, unless they have proven themselves in a test of strength.
  • The Green Gems decide that they must know more.

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