torsdag den 26. november 2015

Session 24

10th cycle, 4th day, year 5850
After a tactical retreat to the ruins and a good night's rest, the GG were ready to move on to the palace, when they rncountered a ranger. They immediately took a liking to the bow-wielding elf. 

The Palace was mostly empty, both of monsters and information, except for a Mindflayer and his pet troll. The Green Gems and their adopted new friend managed to kill the tentacled monster, only to see it's body snatched by two plane-hopping brethens while they were looking for a secret door. 

With the palace searched, they decided that their time in the city with not so golden roofs had come to an end and that it was time to return to Dorador. 

10th cycle, 12th day, year 5850
On the way back, they swung by the Cara tribe and learned some griveous news. M'Kono had been given an ultimatum. Join the Moon Elf-Yuan-ti coalition against Dorador or be destroyed. He begged the Green Gems to convince Dorador to offer them protection in return for an alliance against the other tribes and the serpent overlords. He had 36 days before he had to give his answer. 

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