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Session 25

10th cycle, 14th day, year 5850
The Green Gems arrive back at Dorador. 

10th cycle, 21st day, year 5850
After days of trying to convince the High Council, which has Kraznik on it, the Green Gems grow frustrated. In a desperate move, they sneak into a noble's daughter's birthday party and confront the Duke, thinking the High Council is keeping things from him. Unfortunately that is not the case. And when Bebe decides to pull a fast one and accuse Kraznik without proof, he is tossed in jail and excommunicated the following day.

10th cycle, 22nd day, year 5850
Feeling bereft of options, the Green Gems decide to take the fight to the Yuan-ti and maybe get further evidence. 

10th cycle, 28th day, year 5850
The Green Gems arrive at the Zankara tribe' s village, located between a lake and a small mountain. With the help of magic, they almost manage to sneak through, but something happens and they are separated. Hours later, they are reunited.

Salazar poses as an moon elf and tries to gain entrance to the forbidden ruins located nearby. The subterfuge succeeds, but he is almost sacrificed by a Yuan-ti on account on being there. They manage to kill the Yuan-ti and a shaman, before fleeing.

10th cycle, 29th day, year 5850
Having fled miles away, the Green Gems stop to rest for the night. In the wee hours they are attacked by a lot of moon elves and a Night Wisp. The battle is not going their way, and when the Night Wisp joins the fight, things look as if they might end there, that very night. Suddenly a red dragon lands, threatening the Night Wisp, who opts for a quick retreat. 

Tyraxolar is the dragon, and he confirms a lot of things for the Green Gems. 

10th cycle, 30th day, year 5850
Going back to the forbidden ruins, the Green Gems note that many more Yuan-ti seem to have arrived and set up tent. Using magic, they sneak into one of the pyramids and stumble upon the Night Wisp from the other night. After a long hard fight, they manage to kill the creature and escape with some battle plans.

10th cycle, 36th day, year 5850
On the last day of the year, the Green Gems return to Dorador.

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