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Session 26

10th cycle, 36th day, year 5850
After much discussion on how to proceed with their new-found info, the Green Gems decide to trust Sergeant Jones with the intel, as the list found in the little black book includes several prominent names, including Kraznik and Captain Bluescale (Head of the guard in Dorador), Melville (noble family), Paquin (noble family) and Iricha (noble family). Also on the list was Yazir Two-Horn.

Sergeant was surprised and horrified, but helpful. He set up a meeting between Captain Farik and the Green Gems, and they managed to convince him with setting a trap, as proof was needed against Kraznik. 

So during the High Council meeting, the Green Gems broken into Kraznik's mansion - again - and at the meeting, Farik laid out plans to counter the coming invasion with a bold move which included moving the entire army of Dorador into a spot in the jungle to surprise the invaders. 

As suspected, Kraznik hurried home to make contact and warn his allies. Using magic he spoke through a bowl with water with someone, warning him, but was told not to worry, and just stick to his orders, after which he wrote a letter. 

As he finished the letter, the Green Gems came out of hiding and engaged him and his magic. He promptly summoned an efreeti and his bodyguards came rushing in. The battle went back and forth, in and out of the mansion, but ended with Kraznik being carried away, barely alive, by the elemental creature. Luckily, between his coded ledgers and the coded message to the Fire Knives that he had just written, there was ample proof that he had conspired with the invaders against Dorador.

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