mandag den 14. juli 2014

Archibald the Wizard

I can guarantee you, that a magical missile can not find it's way around a Wall of Force formed as a wall. The fact that the missile can not see the wall does not mean it will ignore it. You have completely misunderstood how these spells work, young man. Now go to your chamber and reread Magical Spell Theories Volume 2 and 6 again, and do not present yourself before me or any of your piers, until they are understood.
 Archibald, to a student, year 5809
While Marlin runs the Academy, Archibald is by far considered the best teacher of the wizards present there. It is said that he knows more about the theories of magic than any other alive in the Seven Army Nation. That is of course a hard thing to refute or prove, but none the less, that is the claim.

Archibald is an aging human, who has spent the last 50 years teaching at the Arcane Academy. Although he is quickly approaching 90 years of age, he doesn't seem a day over 70, and when talk turns to magic and how spells are structured, he could easily pass for a young man of 30.

These days he doesn't teach so much, but rather serves as a consultant to those especially gifted.

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