mandag den 14. juli 2014

The Raven Book

Think of the possibilities, if I had the Raven Book. Every person who ever died, and why? I am pretty sure there is a lot of money to be earned there.
Jack, sometime, somewhere. 
According to lore, the Raven Book is an gigantic and infinite book, made of black marble covers with pages of bone and ink of souls. It is supposedly located in the heart of the Mausoleum of Death, where the Raven Queen resides, always guarded by twelve angels of death, fallen angels sworn to the Raven Queen.

The book, an artifact from the dawn of time, is claimed to speak the secrets of all the other gods, as well as the names of all creatures who have died on Gemnos and why they have died. On the last page, the true name of the Raven Queen is written.

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