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The Purple Death

The Purple Death was the work of Natalia Blackhorn, I tell you. Her demons brought the magical plague with them from Hell. Next time they bring a plague, there will be nothing left, then they can rule Gemnos, as they have always intended.
Anonymous wizard of the Arcane Academy. 
In the year of 5784, a plague swept across the Cursed Lands.  It was called the Purple Death due to the purple lumps that were the first symptom of infection. Purple Death might have been a odd choice of words, since it was not *that* lethal. Only about 2 or 3 out of 100 died from it, but almost half of the population was infected, and many were extremely weakened for months and months. In fact, more died from starvation due to nothing getting harvested that from the plague itself.

The plague broke out in a small town in the Kingdom of Drahar. From there, it spread north, east, west and south, and within weeks, most of the Cursed Lands were infected.

The plague never spread outside the Cursed Lands, mostly because the Empire of Zun and the Kyzian Empire completely closed off their borders and all who attempted to flee were sent back or killed.

Some sages has later speculated that the Purple Death was a magical plague, spread on purpose, but none have been able to prove so. The fact that such a plague has never been observed before or after and the fact that not a single person outside the Cursed Lands was ever documented to have gained the Purple Death, are the two chief arguments for a magical plague.

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