torsdag den 19. juni 2014

Session 29

Day 124 (2nd cycle of summer, 9th day)
The Sons sneak past the skeletons guarding outside the fort, with Urnyx stealing their gong so that they can not warn those inside the fort. The skeletons are quickly dispatched and the Sons try to find out how to enter the fort.

As they are spotted by a skeleton on the wall and subsequently showered with arrows. Nevron opens a Passwall through the fort's wall, and the Sons rush in. Quickly they find themselves surrounded by about another 10 skeletons in the courtyard. They manage to kill off the skeletons and search the premises. They find an altar and a cauldron, along with some necromancy notes. They deduce that someone must have been making these super-skeletons.

They also find John-John, a cook trapped and forced to make food for Katy, a young woman that the black knight apparently thinks reminds him of some long-lost love. They also find a map of the region, along with some figurines carved of wood. The figurines in question are a cyclops, placed in the Swamp of Death, a noble-looking fellow in Starkhold, a hag in Oakwood and a wizard-looking fellow holding a skull atop a dracolich.

As they leave the building to investigate further, they find themselves facing the death knight and his nightmare. The fight is brutal and hard, and while the Sons manage to defeat their foe, the fight is a very close one.

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