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Session 28

Day 114 (1st cycle of summer, 36th day)
With Xuk dead, the fight rages on. The Sons find themselves facing a lot of orcs led by a shaman, but eventually they defeat them all and Ironville wins the battle, sending the rest of the orcs fleeing chaotically. 

Day 115 (1st cycle of summer, 37th day)
The Sons are honored with the contribution against the orcish menace and are named Iron Defenders of Ironville and given a spot on the House of Nobles. Nevron is also given a tower that is being rebuilt for him.

It is also the Day of Mating, so the city is full of life, and the Sons experience a bit of what being famous means. The celebration ends as it always does, although only Nevron and Urnyx partake in the late night festivities, while the other two stay at home.

Day 116 (2nd cycle of summer, 1st day)
The Sons are woken by Elias calling on them. He has had a vision, seeing them traveling to the volcano Hellmouth and also a black-clad figure looming over them. 

Day 117 (2nd cycle of summer, 2nd day)
The Sons leave for Hellmouth, in order to find the elemental key of fire. On a whim, they decide to find Petyr's corpse first. 

Day 121 (2nd cycle of summer, 6th day)
The Sons locate Petyr's corpse out to the west, near Darion town and proceed to head further west in order to find a shaman or cleric of Tempus, so that he can receive a proper burial.

Day 122 (2nd cycle of summer, 7th day)
The Sons find the Green Lizard barbarian tribe and convince their Tempus shaman to bury Petyr.

After burying their friend, they head north-east towards Hellmouth

Day 124 (2nd cycle of summer, 9th day)
The Sons stumble upon a fort in the middle of the mountains. As they approach it, they notice a flag sporting the red lily that the black knight also wore on his armor, 

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