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The Black Robes

Worshiping gods distracts you from your true master, Magic. They are a waste of time, as they can not help you get all you want from life, only you and magic can do that. So take that symbol and destroy it, before I polymorph you into a mouse and feed you to your familiar.
Yii, Black Senator, year 5491 
The Black Robes are an organization of wizards. They have been the ruling class of Uruak for more than 600 years.

In the old days, the Black Robes were rarely seen outside their borders, but around 300 years ago, something changed. After many years of internal rebellions and wars against kings of the 100 Kingdoms and the Empire of Ortygal, the Black Robes seemed content with what they had and focused on keeping it, instead of expanding further. 

The next logical step was to build embassies in big cities all around the world, to keep lines of communication open with all potential allies or partners - or something.

At the top of the organization, you will find the Black Senate. The Black Senate is the ruling body of the organization and of Uruak. The Black Senate is comprised of 101 Black Robes, each chosen for their individual qualities or because of their alliances. The Black Senators rarely leave Uruak and generally spend a lot of time hatching plans and ruling Uruak.

The rest of the Black Robes are divided into cells. Each cells consists of 7 people, and although not all of them are necessarily wizards, it is rare that a Black Robe does not practice magic in some form. A cell usually runs a city, a town or a number of villages reachable within a day's travel. The cells also serve outside the borders as each embassy typically holds a cell.

While any race can be found amongst the Black Robes, humans are by far the most prevalent. However, no matter the race, they all have in common that they remove all hair above the chest and instead decorate themselves with tattoos instead of eyebrows, beard and hair.

Given that they run a huge country, he Black Robes are not at all a secret organization, but they are very secretive. This coupled with their non-aggressive expansion (the establishing of embassies everywhere) without a purpose has caused a number of rumors about them and most common man outside of Uruak are very distrustful (and usually very afraid) of them. Yet some are inadvertently drawn to them, after all, they have a vast magical knowledge, especially of magical items.

Also, since their embassies are always considered Uruakian soil, local laws do not apply there. This fact is not widely known, but it has certainly come to some's attention that it can be significantly easier to procure certain items through the Black Robes.

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