søndag den 8. juni 2014

Cult of the Dragon

And the Oracle said: In the Year of the Broken One, a great purge will strike Gemnos, causing never seen death and destruction. From the ashes the dead dragons will rise and rule, as they were meant to. So I have seen, so it will be.
From Draconis Lore
Cult of the Dragon is a quasi-religious cult that venerates dragons and believes that undead dragons will at some point assume their rightful place as rulers of all of Gemnos.

This is why the cult spends it's time equally between hoarding gold to gift to the dragons, making alliances with evil dragons and last but not least, convincing and helping those dragons become undead dracoliches.

The cult has existed for about 400 years, and so far, no one knows where they came from. They are widespread across the lands of Gemnos, but as far as it is known, the different chapters or cells are extremely independent and there is no central organization.

The most prominent members are necromancers and priests, but the dragons have worshipers of all kinds.

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