torsdag den 4. september 2014

Session 37

Day 182 (3rd cycle of summer, 31st day)
After their weird experience with the time-space continuum, the Sons continued to explore the underground city. Using his newfound mystical abilities to communicate with nature, Urnyx viewed the city through the eyes of a bat, and found out that there was a large flying creature down here. The Sons assumed a dragon. Urnyx also saw a belltower and something that must have been the palace, once upon a time.

Moving through the city, the Sons ran into several roaming packs of undeads, but managed to avoid them every time. While crossing the bridge spanning a chasm dividing the city in two parts, the Sons got ambushed by a beholder. The Sons quickly found themselves under a magical barrage of death, disintegration and petrification rays. Nevron was caught in the anti-magic ray and since the beholder was flying, Urnyx and Arath had to jump up extremely high in order to just hit it once in a while. The battle was short and furious, but in the end, the Sons vanquished the foul beast, although it was very touch and go all along.

After the battle, the Sons decided they were in no shape to continue exploring a city filled with undead, and returned to the church to stay until the next day.

Day 183 (3rd cycle of summer, 32nd day)
After resting yet again, the Sons went back to the other part of the city, still wary of the supposed dragon. They explored the bell-tower and the "palace" but found nothing of interest. The Urnyx used his powers to commune with the land itself, and found that in the chasm, there was something otherworldly, a rift or a presence from another plane.

Down into the chasm they went, and found the lair of the beholder, cloaked in mists that reminded Nevron of reports he had read about the Mists of Madness surrounding Gemnos. 

Luckily, the mists here were not dangerous, and they could easily acquire the treasure that the Beholder had amassed, or at least some of it.

The Sons then flew back up to Ironville, where they identified their newfound loot and checked the crystal coffin, indeed, it had only 31 sigils now.

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